Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday 10/84

Wow...cant believe I am on day 10 already. It's going by very fast. Yesterday was great as far as food...but I didn't get my workout in so I have to make it up today. So today I have lbwo and cardio to do. I have to knock it out at naptime so that I can get to bed around 9 tonight. I went to bed at 9:30 last night and woke up this morning so refreshed!!!

Yesterday we had unexpected plans...and I was very proud of myself. We were supposed to go to a bridal shower...but then our babysitter cancelled on I planned on cooking a healthy dinner and all right...but then at the very last minute we decided to go anyway with all the kids. It was a crawfish boil with fried fish and all the yummy stuff. I didn't have any food prepared so I just took a myoplex lite shake with me and that is what I had...and that is it. YAY for me!!!! So because of that...I only got in one good meal...but I didn't eat anything unauthorized at all. I will go back and edit my post for yesterday to reflect what I ate.

Today I have planned this:

8:15 am: Protine pancakes (3 egg whites, 1/2 c. oatmeal, 1/4 cup ff cottage cheese)
1/4 c. sf syrup

11:15: 3 oz tuna
1/2 c. brown rice
1/2 c. peas

2:15: Myoplex lite shake....postworkout with L-glutamine and CLA

5:30: 4 oz chicken breast
1/2 c. brown rice
1 cup asparagus

7:30: Small Apple
low fat string cheese

I have to jot down this one thought real quick that will help in my essay writing. Since this is kinda my journal...I want to keep all little breakthroughs on here. So I think I realized maybe one little reason I always have setbacks and have never been able to complete a challenge. I have always had a low self esteem and never felt accepted I guess. I have always had great friends...but like in high school and stuff...they all had other friends that didn't really invite me to everything or what not. I'm not like cryin about this or anything...but I think I have always had that need to fit in and so once again...when I start a challenge or try to stay on task with eating right and just overall being healthy, I don't fit in with the crowd anymore. At family gatherings...I can't sit around the bar and munch on all the goodies, or drink the margaritas and wine. I cant eat all the yummy desserts with that need to "fit in" is not being met. This is just a little example...but I was sitting in the car the other day when I came to this little revelation and I started to cry. I've always been different from the norm I HS I was always to scared to do the bad things...I didn't drink a whole lot, I never did any drugs, I was spiritual...and most of my friends just didn't really care about that kinda most highschoolers don't. And even now....I would rather stay home with my family than hire a babysitter and go out for the night. Since I have had children 8 years ago...I can maybe count on two hands the number of times I have been away from them....and 3 of those times were for anniversary dates with my husband. But we typically celebrate everything with our kids. So bottom line...I just never have felt like I fit in 100% and I think my eating stems from that.

Anyway...had to jot that down so I won't forget.


It's about 1:00 pm now...I just got both my workouts done...lower body and cardio. Note to self...if I have to make up a workout...never do lower body and cardio on the same day. was killer on my legs. BUT...I got them both down and I am very proud of my self!!! You know how easy it would be just to let one workout go...VERY EASY...but I didn't. I made it up and now I am back to being able to say...I haven't missed a workout, and I WON'T miss one this whole challenge...I REFUSE to miss a workout!!!!!!!!!!!

Squats, sumo squats, side leg raises
Lunges, pelvic raises, step ups
standing calf raises, sitting calf raises

Floor Crunches
Ball Crunches
v-sit crunches
Side crunches for obliques

20 min HIIT on treadmill
5.0, 5.5, 5.8, 6.1, 6.6, and 7.5 at incline of 2 for my 10.

Now gotta hit the shower and drink my myopolex to give me back some energy!!! :)

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