Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am writing this post to remind myself how much of a difference I am noticing in my transformation already with the use of supplements. During my first and only real attempt at BFL back in 2006 I didn't pay much attention to supplements. I knew I had to use at least one for the challenge so I chose the nutrition bars and shakes of course...but really had no clue what glutamine was or CLA or anything like that. I am not saying that I am an expert this go round by any means becasue I still have no clue what this stuff is...but all I know now is that I am using a couple of them and really does make a huge difference. I mean HUGE. I don't know what else could be the cause of it, but I have had better results in my first two weeks of this challenge, than I had in my first 6 weeks in 2006.

Just to jot down here real quick my supplements so that I can remember for essay time.
CLA - 3 times a day
L-Glutamine - once a day
Thermodynamx - twice a day
Myoplex Lite - 1-2 times a day

I just read an article about the importance of glutamine...and that is why I wrote this. Before I thought supplements were more of a mental thing...another way for these companies to make more money. I figured they probably didn't really help that much, oh but now I believe quite differently and the article I read explained it very well. Which made me think...hmmmm...maybe what I am taking has a bit to do with how well I am progressing here. It's mainly in my upper body. I have these muscles that are just coming out of ROCKS!!! :) Hoping to see these kind of changes in the legs pretty soon. I am guessing around week 6...hopefully!!! :)

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  1. L-glutamine is my buddy! :) Couldn't live without that stuff.... Glad you found it and are using it FINALLY!

    Love you girl!